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What is Preserved Flowers?

The preserved flowers (also known as eternal flowers) originated in Germany since last century. They are real flowers processed by dehydration, decolorization, drying, dyeing, etc. The color, shapes and feel of the preserved flowers are almost the same as those of real flowers, while the colors are more diverse.

Keeping the characteristics of real flowers, preserved flowers can be used more widely on different occasions as they can be kept for years. Nowadays, preserved flowers have become the ideal product for floral design, home decoration and celebrations.

Why Preserved Flowers?

Longer Lifetime

With much longer lifetime than that of fresh flowers, preserved flowers are more suitable to be a gift and decoration.

Varied Colors

Since preserved flowers are processed by decolorization and dyeing, they can be made into colors completely different from the original fresh flowers. For instance, a red rose can be processed into a black rose, which doesn't exist naturally in the world.

Bigger Petals

The size of a fresh flower is fixed. But the petals of a preserved flower can be enlarged by 50%. For example, a real flower with diameter of 6 cm can be processed into a preserved flower with diameter of 9 cm. Making use of bigger size of flowers could sometimes make a product looks more beautiful.


Fresh flowers do not have any advantages that preserved flowers do not have. But preserved flowers have a lot of advantages that fresh flowers don't have.

Why Léselle?

Léselle is committed to creating special, beautiful and unique floral products made with eternal flowers of the highest quality at an affordable price.

Our Products

We take inspiration from the world around us and today’s lifestyle to create collections that are unique and exclusive, and we are proud to be stocked in gift retailers internationally. Our promise is to bring you beautiful, unique and affordable eternal flowers that make your loved one smile.

Our Design

Our designs reflect a uniquely modern take on floral products. All styles are exclusively designed and manufactured to our exacting standards, and ensure that we maintain a truly unique and inspiring collection every year. To ensure the diversity and uniqueness of our products, our florist team launch special collections on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Christmas etc. per year.

Our Vision

We are doing more than designing beautiful floral products, our ethos is about bringing lovers, friends, family long and lasting love through eternal flowers.