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Product Care of Eternal Flowers

Posted on October 06 2019

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Eternal flowers are made from fresh cut flowers through a series of processes such as dehydration, decolorization, drying and injection of preservatives. Due to the high cost of production and processing technology, high-quality eternal flowers are also expensive and require special care. If the maintenance is not good, the eternal flowers are prone to moisture and mold, the petals fade, and the life is shortened. When you give or receive a gift but do not know how to maintain and place it, you fail the gift giver or yourself. So what should be paid attention to in the environment of the eternal flower? Let me explain one by one for everyone.

1. Avoid direct sunlight
Because the eternal flower has no life, it does not need watering and photosynthesis. On the contrary, because the coloring agent on the eternal flower will cause the petals to fade after being exposed to ultraviolet rays, and this process is irreversible, it should be kept in a cool place indoors and try to avoid being exposed to sunlight.

2. Avoid humid environment
Ultraviolet rays are the nemesis of eternal flowers, as is the moisture in the air. If the weather is too humid, the petals of eternal flowers will become transparent. Therefore, avoid placing eternal flowers in a humid environment. The optimal humidity is 50%, 30% to 70 % Is also acceptable. If the everlasting flower appears transparent, you can turn on the air conditioner or dryer to dry the flower, or put the product with a desiccant in a sealed container, and the original appearance can be restored after a few days.

3. Avoid dry environment
The texture of the eternal flower can be as soft and delicate as flowers, because it replaces the original moisture with other liquids during processing. If it lacks moisture, it will become hard and brittle like dried flowers and easily crack. Therefore, try to avoid placing eternal flowers in a dry place. Place the eternal flower in strong air vents such as air conditioners and fans, or put desiccant in the flower material, it will make the flower dry. But even if the flowers are dried, as long as the flowers are not damaged, the process is reversible.

4. Needs careful care
Although the eternal flower is not as crisp and fragile as the dried flower, the flower is also fragile after all and needs to be carefully cared for. Therefore, please avoid touching, pulling and squeezing the petals of the eternal flower frequently with your hands, and try not to place the eternal flower arrangement upside down, so as not to loosen the fixed flowers. If you need to place it high, please place it carefully.

5. Gently blow off dust with a blower
Eternal flowers without a glass cover are prone to dust when placed for a long time. At this time, you can adjust the wind tube to the minimum wind and cold wind, about 30cm away from the flowers, and gently blow away the dust.

6. Add aroma with aromatherapy essential oil
The eternal flower that has no fragrance originally, or the eternal flower that has lost its fragrance due to being placed for too long, can drop a few drops of aromatherapy essential oil next to the flower material to make it regain its fragrance.