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Return & Cancellation Policies

To provide you with the best possible service, you can return your order for replacement or refund.

Return and Exchange Policy:

5-Day Return Period

We are pleased to offer return & exchange service on ONLY damaged or wrong products within five (5) days after you receiving the order. We find that we have very low return and exchange rates, and we are proud of the high quality products that we offer. If the product you ordered does have quality issues, which caused by Léselle, we are more than happy to accommodate returns and exchanges. We are NOT responsible for the damaging or loss that caused by shipping and delivery.

Return Process

We also ask you to send us an email with damaged product image(s) BEFORE returning and exchanging your products. You must contact us first at within the five (5) day return period of receiving your order. After reviewing the case, we will contact you for further resolutions. All Léselle products must be shipped back in the original packaging and the packaging must not be defaced in any way or a return and exchange will not be issued. We will then provide you with return label. The returned items will be inspected to see if it is qualified for a return.

Shipping Costs

You are responsible for all return or exchange shipping costs and we recommend that you send your return with a tracking number because Léselle will not be responsible for lost returns.

Shopping in our Store

We do NOT offer returns for any purchase in our store. After you confirm the purchase, we will help you check the product(s) and make sure it functions normally without any defects or damage. If there is any problem(s) we are happy to give you another one or arrange return immediately. After you leave with your product(s), you CANNOT ask for return.

Reasons for Return

Except for problems related to product quality or errors caused by the company, the company will not regard the problems caused by errors of customers, third-party companies, government agencies or other reasons, as a reasonable reason for the return of goods (see Remark 1), and has the right to refuse the relevant return request. The company will not bear any responsibility for losses caused by problems of customers, third-party companies, government agencies or other reasons.

Refund Process:

A full refund, excluding the original shipping cost, will be issued to your original payment method after we have received, inspected the returned products. Refund process usually takes 7-12 business days to be completed.

Cancellation Policy:

To provide you with the best possible service, you can cancel your order at anytime prior to making payment. However, once payment is made, or your order is en route or delivered, regardless of whether the ordered product is a customized product, due to the nature of our products (see Remark 2), we will be unable to cancel the order.



    a. The problems caused by the customer's mistakes include but are not limited to the following situations:

        I. After ordering the product, the customer finds that he/she does not need the product.

        II. The customer intends to give a gift, but after placing the order, it is found that the recipient does not like the product.

        III. The customer left the wrong contact information, including phone number, email address and delivery address, which caused the company to fail to contact the customer in time or send the goods to the wrong address.

        IV. The lack of proper maintenance of the product causes the flowers to become damp, moldy, discolored or broken.

    b. The problems caused by the third parties' mistakes include but are not limited to the following situations:

        I. Damage of goods caused by the third-party logistics company or delivery personnel.

        II. Logistics delays caused by the third-party logistics company or delivery personnel due to weather conditions or some force majeure factors, which prevented the recipient from receiving the goods on the specified date or time.

        III. The third-party logistics company or delivery personnel lost the goods.

    c. The problems caused by the other reasons include but are not limited to the following situations:

        I. The recipient cannot sign or refuses to sign the goods.

        II. The recipient does not appear at the delivery time or address specified by the customer.

        III. The recipient does not like the goods after receiving it.

        IV. The customer did not use discount code (if any) when placing the order.

        V. The cost of materials changes according to the supply situation, resulting in the adjustment of product prices.

2. Floral products have a specific shelf life and we value the viewing time of each customer after purchasing them. In order to ensure that the products purchased by customers have the longest shelf life, we try not to make them store for too long.