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A selection of 6 surprising and tangible Mother's Day gifts

Posted on November 21 2019

Mother's Day


"Since I was born, from the beginning, to forever, never stop." We all know the greatness of our mothers. They are busy at work and have no chance to eat together. On the occasion of Mother's Day, of course, we must do our filial piety and give our heart to the toiling mother. Want your mother to be happy without saying you wasted? Today, I will choose 6 beautiful and realistic Mother's Day gifts for everyone, so that everyone can repay their mothers.

Before introducing gifts, I want to tell you about the origin of Mother's Day. Mother's Day originated in the United States and was fought by a woman named Anna Jarvis. But it actually came from the memory of her mother.

In 1858, the infant survival rate in the United States was very low at that time, which was caused by insufficient mother's health and medical knowledge. So Anna Jarvis's mother, along with her brother who was a doctor, launched Mothers ’Day Work Clubs to teach mothers hygiene and medical knowledge to improve infant survival.

On May 10, 1908, Anna Jarvis presented 500 white carnations to her mother ’s church in memory of her deceased mother. This event is called the origin of Mother's Day. With the constant efforts of Anna Jarvis, the US Congress decided in 1913 to treat the second Sunday in May as the legal Mother's Day. To this day, people choose to express their gratitude and love to mothers every year on Mother's Day, and carnations have become the symbol of Mother's Day.

A) Parent-child SPA


My mother usually works hard to take care of small and large affairs at home, and even has to go to work and worry about her children. She is really physically and mentally exhausted! Take Mother's Day to relax during Mother's Day. Taking mother to a spa that heals the body and mind, in addition to washing her tiredness through massage, she can also relax her nervousness and enjoy the fun of parent-child relationship. And you can calm down and talk to your mother. After finishing the SPA, you can take her to a rich dinner. In addition to relaxing gifts for the mother, this is a good memory.

B) Preserved flowers


Every year on Mother's Day, a group of filial sons and daughters will prepare carnations to give to their mothers, representing the mother's grace. But I believe many people will hear the words of their mother: "Do it, send flowers, and lay money." In addition to the reason that the price of flowers on Mother's Day is generally more expensive, it is also because the flowers can only be stored for a few days to several weeks and they will fade. But in fact, ten women love to collect flowers. Mothers are no exception. If you want your mother to be happy and not feel the pain, you can choose to send flowers that can be preserved for more than 2 years. Preserved flowers are made of fresh flowers, but they can be stored for 2 years or more due to special treatment. The appearance is the same as the flowers. In addition to roses and hydrangeas, there are many kinds of flowers, including carnations.

C) Care products

Beauty is a woman's nature, and mothers are no exception. Mother raises you as an adult, and there are some signs of years on her face. Sending a series of maintenance products to my mother is also a very intimate choice. You can pay attention to the type of skin care products that mothers usually use, whether it is moisturizing, moisturizing, or anti-wrinkle. Of course, you can take your mother to buy it yourself, so that you will not go wrong. In addition to skin care products, you can also give the mother the treatments in the beauty salon as a gift, I believe she will feel very at ease.

D) Cooking in person

cooking in person

On Mother's Day, cook a meal for mom. The mother always takes care of everything in the family. Mother's Day gives mother a good rest! It ’s up to you to take care of all the housework, and finally cook for her mother what she loves, remember to say something to her: “Mom, thank you, you have been working hard for you.

E) Electrical appliances

Electrical appliances

If men love to watch electronics, then moms must love electronics! Whether it's a smart TV, let busy mothers have time to entertain. It is also a good vacuum cleaner, which is a good choice for mother to clean more easily. You can also pay attention to your mother's preferences on weekdays. It should not be difficult to know what to buy will be most in line with her mind.

6) Cash


In South Korea, the gift that parents most want to receive is cash for three consecutive years. Although it is often said that "speaking of money hurts feelings," I have to say that money is really the most practical. Of course, it may feel a bit tacky to send money directly. There are many cash flower boxes / cash bouquets on the market, and the packaging is exquisite. You can also consider it.

No matter what the gift is, it is the icing on the cake. The most important thing is your heart. In fact, it ’s better to give your mother a little more care, to ask, and accompany you than to give you a precious gift. I hope all mothers in the world are healthy and happy!