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6 must-have items for marriage proposal that will greatly increase your success rate!

Posted on October 24 2019

6 must-have items for marriage proposal that will greatly increase your success rate


If you want to be good at work, you must first sharpen it! If you plan to spend the rest of your life with the other half and want to give her an unforgettable romantic marriage proposal, then in addition to a well-planned plan, you also need some necessary proposal "weapons". If you are still distressed about how to propose, you can participate in another article of the editor. Today, Xiaobian helped everyone sort out 6 necessary items for proposal, so that the success rate of proposal is greatly improved. And make the whole plan more complete, so that you and your loved ones have a lifetime of unforgettable memories.

A) Proposal Flower Gift

Proposal Flower Gift

Flowers can be said to be one of the necessary props to propose. Many people choose roses to propose, different numbers have different meanings. The most common 99 roses represent long time, and 108 roses represent asking you to marry me. These two are good choices for marriage proposal.

In addition to the roses that are full of meaning, the petals can also add a romantic atmosphere to the proposal! Whether it is sprinkled randomly on the ground or spelled into a sentence / heart shape, it is a good prop.

If you want something special, you can choose preserved flower gifts. Preserved flowers are made of real flowers, but due to special treatment, they can be stored for 2 years or more, so that your proposal flower gift can be kept longer. In addition to taking pictures in the future, you can also decorate your wedding, which is a good choice! If you feel that there are too many 99/108 fresh-keeping roses, you can choose a single rose. The magic roses like fairy beauty and beast are also very beautiful. A rose represents one-heartedness, and a preserved flower represents eternal love, very romantic! Seeing beautiful flowers and your sincerity, I believe she will blurt out Say Yes!

B) Ring Box

Success or failure is in the details, the proposal ring is a must, but the ring box cannot be ignored. A good ring box can make the whole proposal more atmosphere. For example, you can choose a ring box that will glow. At the moment you open it, with the ring shining, I believe it will be more pleasant to receive.

ring box made with preserved flowers

In addition to glowing ring boxes, floral ring boxes are also available. You can consider a ring box made of preserved flowers, which can be stored for a long time, and can be used when wedding rings are exchanged, and at the same time, you can recall the beauty of the day of proposal.

C) Lighting

To make the proposal court romantic, lighting can be said to be indispensable, whether it is a small light string or a candle. You can also prepare some letter lights to spell "Marry Me" / "I Love You", which is also quite suitable.

D) Balloon


Balloons give people a dreamy feeling, and they are often used at parties. They are excellent tools for decoration and atmosphere creation. Therefore, you may wish to add balloons when you are proposing. You can choose balloons / hydrogen balloons, covered with balloons on the ground or ceiling, and you can also add light strings to the balloons to create a romantic atmosphere.

E) Photo

You can print your group photos to make a photo wall, and under each photo you can write the words you love her. You can let her remember you bit by bit, increase her touching index, and the success rate of marriage proposal will naturally increase greatly.

F) relatives and friends

Happy things, of course, I want to share with friends and family, if possible, invite a group of friends and relatives to the scene on the day of the proposal. In addition to creating an atmosphere, you can also help relatives and friends help to "help the waves," and make them feel your sincerity. Definitely a very good "weapon" for marriage proposal!