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5 creative proposal surprises moved her to tears and immediately Say Yes! (II)

Posted on September 12 2019

5 creative proposal surprises moved her to tears and immediately Say Yes! (II)


In the last chapter, I introduced the method of love movie and travel proposal, I wonder if it brings you a clue? If you are still at a loss, you can take a look at the next 3 methods, one of which will help you!

C) Back to the meeting

Back to the meeting

On Anniversary / Valentine's Day, take her back to a place you know or your first date to relive everything on that day. For example, when I went to the restaurant I visited the same day, I was able to reflect on the bits and pieces of her first meeting together to evoke her memories and make the proposal more touching later! You can say some words that make the other person feel time quickly, for example: "In a blink of an eye, we have been together for 3 years, and time is passing!" While everyone remembers the past together, take out your wedding ring and tell her:

"That day, you became my girlfriend here. Today, I hope you are my wife here. Let me accompany you on the next road, marry me?"

After a series of rows in the front, I believe she will be moved with a sweet face and promise!


D) Surprise message on approach

Surprise message on approach

In the arranged place, it can be at home or a hotel, and it is best to have a distance from the starting point to the position where you propose. Start from the doorway / you set the starting point, use petals / candles to form a passage, and use post-it notes as a guide to bring her step by step in front of you. You can use post-it notes / your photos as a guide, and each one should write something that touches her. E.g:

"I like your smile, I like your confusion ........." When she came to her, she said to her, "Because of all this, I don't want to miss your cents and seconds in the future. Will I always be with you and marry me?"


"On xx month xx xx, boys and girls met for the first time, on xx xx xx xx, boys and girls quarreled for the first time ...". First / love story. When she came to her, she said to her, "Today is the day of xxxxxxxxxx. The boy hopes to live with the girl all his life. Will the girl be willing to marry the boy?"
The second one was designed by a personal editor for a friend! Selfless sharing today. Of course, everyone can add their own ideas and make unique messages.

In addition to placing the message on the ground, you can also design the approach by hanging. Remember that in addition to the message, you can place candles and light strings to dim the lights to create a romantic atmosphere. And with the proper addition of music, it will definitely do more with less!


E) Contrast surprise

Surprise message on approach

This method is also suitable to be used in conjunction with the above method to increase the contrast that surprise brings to the other party. The joy after losing must be more prominent.

The so-called contrast is to make the other party feel lost or even sad before they are surprised, and to feel crisis about their love. In fact, there are many examples on the Internet, such as pretending to have an affair and letting the other party discover it, but also talking about it, proposing marriage when the other party is the most sad. This method is indeed more tension, so that the other party has a great sense of contrast in a short time, but! Not everyone is suitable for doing this, being careful and self-defeating.

So everyone wants to create a contrast, you can consider starting to be indifferent to the other party a few days before you are about to propose, so that you can divert the other party ’s attention, not to mention your next move, and also create a good contrast!

In fact, there are more than so few ways to surprise proposal. The above is a carefully compiled method by the editor. I hope that after reading it, you can be distressed about how to make a surprise proposal. If you have any successful experience, please share with us! The success or failure lies in the details. In fact, you usually pay more attention to the other person's love. Use your understanding of the other person to cooperate with the above methods. Of course, the most important thing is your full sincerity. I believe you can create a most romantic and unforgettable memory for your lovers. !! I wish everyone here a great success!