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Mother’s Day Special Arrangement

Please read the following details carefully before placing an order.

To ensure the orders for Mother’s Day to be delivered smoothly and efficiently, we will be working with GOGOX (previously as GoGoVan) on the logistics for the period of May 11 - May 12.

Delivery Details

To allow the deliveries to be seamless, please provide us a detailed delivery address that includes the flat number, the floor number, the block number and the name of the housing estate/ building.

Order Modification

To facilitate all the orders and have them delivered between May 11 - May 12, we will organize all the orders and prepare the delivery routes 2 days prior to delivery. Please finalize all the delivery details before May 9 to ensure a smooth delivery. Any order modification made on or after May 10 will not be accepted.

Should the address, time and date need to be modified on the day of the delivery, Léselle will try its best to make other arrangements. If the revised address or time cannot be accommodated by the drivers’ routes, we will deliver your order after all the orders have been fulfilled. If the revised address can be added to the drivers’ route, we will try to deliver the order.

Special order

From May 10 to May 12, Léselle will not take any custom or urgent orders in order to facilitate the orders for Mother’s Day.

Adjustments on Delivery Timeslots

For the orders to be delivered between May 11 - May 12, the standard delivery timeslots will be from 9am to 6pm and from 6pm to 10pm.

For more information on the order delivery process, please refer to Delivery.